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Innocent Closet, SunBear Gallery feat. Phil Ashcroft.

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SunBear Gallery, an independent artist-run space, presents a group exhibition of painting and drawing in relation to the late works of Philip Guston. Featured artists: Phil Ashcroft, G. Lansard, Ash Reid, Matt Swan

Musa Guston Mayer quotes her father in her Night Studio: “As a boy I would hide in the closet when the older brothers and sisters came with their families to mama’s apartment for the Sunday afternoon dinner visit. I felt safe. Hearing their talk about illnesses, marriages, the problems of making a living, I felt my remoteness in the closet with the single light bulb. I read and drew in this private box. Some Sundays I even painted. I had given my dear Mama passionate instructions to lie…. ‘Where is Philip?’ I could hear them…. ‘Oh, he is away, with friends’….I was happy in my sanctuary.”



Curated by Tim Le Breuilly as co-initiator of SunBear gallery.

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